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Thanks to our strategy, the value we create will grow over time to ensure the fair distribution of value to all stakeholders, along with increasing levels of sustainability in our operations
Expected increase in Value Created for stakeholders - Enel Plan 2022-2024
The Group expects to increase the value created by our operations by 16% over the period 2021-2024 and to distribute that value to our direct stakeholders. At Enel, our people and our communities draw greater incremental benefit from our distribution decisions, which generates growing returns for our shareholders as well.
Growth in Value Distributed - Enel Plan 2022-2024
For the period 2022-2024, Enel will continue to focus on the quality of action by which we pursue our financial targets. 
Enel forecast of the value created by its activities and the distribution of value to its stakeholders - Plan 2021-2024
Value retained supports the Group’s future investments aimed at achieving our sustainability goals in line with the Enel business model and, for the period 2022-2024, it represented about 26% of value created.
Value retained over the period 2022-2024 to support the Group's sustainability journey
Investments are analyzed and categorized based on how aligned they are with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) and with the European taxonomy.
Investment forecast and aligned with SDGs and European Taxonomy in the 2021-2024 plan
Group stakeholders will participate in business development by ensuring the financial sustainability of our investments that underlie the future creation of value. 
Financial Effort guaranteed by the Group's stakeholders for the future value creation process

For years 2021 to 2030, the Group plans to increase the value created by our operations by about 60% and to distribute roughly 40% of that value to our direct stakeholders thanks to our long-term sustainability strategy and the quality of our actions across all businesses. For example, to meet the changing needs of our increasingly engaged and digital customers as they make informed energy decisions, we are committed to creating resilient, scalable platforms and infrastructure globally.

Thanks to the investments that the Group will continue to make, to our responsible, transparent fiscal contribution, to the additional employment opportunities we will create, and to the economic growth that results, we will contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the communities in which we operate. Our partners, too, will benefit from the Group’s investments to accelerate and bring about the energy transition, thereby becoming proactive members of an ecosystem of decarbonization and electrification. 

Enel’s plan through 2030 will enable us to achieve total installed renewable capacity of roughly 154 GW, thereby confirming our role as a super-major player in renewable energy. The Group will also reach a total of 86 million customers connected to our distribution networks, 5 million of which managed under our stewardship model, enabled by our platforms, thereby ensuring high standards of service at a target SAIDI of 100 minutes. Enel will be increasingly supporting the path to sustainability for our customers, bringing renewable energy to 88% of all electricity sold, alongside new services, such as electric public and personal transport or flexibility solutions like behind-the-meter storage, which show how we can seize new business opportunities while expanding our offering for the end user with the help of our partners and in line with the goals of our communities.

Value retained is expected to double by 2030 and enable us to fund future growth and development and to continue along the path to our commitment to achieve "Net-Zero" by our accelerated 2040 deadline, for both direct and indirect emissions, thereby creating additional value for all stakeholders and for the planet as a whole.

The interests of both organizations and their stakeholders grow together. This is why Enel will continue to pursue sustainable business models that support the organization’s development and achieve holistic results to create greater value for all stakeholders.