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Our strategy aims to decarbonise and electrify our customers' consumption by creating value for all stakeholders.

“This year’s plan, with €170 billion in direct investment by 2030, is a true turning point.”

“We’re accelerating growth in all areas of business, while creating value for our customers, who are at the heart of the Group’s strategy. That value means lowering their energy spending while increasing their demand for electricity by 2030. We are also moving up our target for the Group’s full decarbonization by 10 years to achieve Net-Zero by 2040."

Francesco Starace CEO and General Manager
Our risk management system enables us to Identify, classify and manage risks efficiently in order to support management in making informed decisions to mitigate impacts and transform risk into business opportunities.
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We have made the commitment to move forward our net-zero trajectory by 10 years, from 2050 to 2040, for both direct and indirect emissions.
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Innovation and sustainability are inextricably linked components of our business model, along with a spirit of service and a focus on the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole.
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Our Group is committed to developing sustainable finance through operations that link our sustainability strategy to financial burdens.