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Our suppliers are indispensable partners in achieving sustainable progress in the context in which our Group operates.

We monitor and evaluate their performance both during the procurement process and when executing the contract in order to ensure the highest standards of sustainability.

Qualified suppliers assessed for ESG performance

Short term

“By motivating our suppliers to develop transparency and competencies, we objectively quantify the impact of the entire lifecycle of the primary goods and services we purchase in order to define reduction commitments on our way to net zero.”

Long term

“The energy transition, of which we are a key part, will require a great deal of investment over the coming years. For this reason, increasingly sustainable and resilient suppliers will be able to grow within this context to become prominent, proactive members of an ecosystem that encompasses industry, government, and civil society in a collective commitment to decarbonization.”

Francesca Di Carlo Global Procurement
Our corporate governance structure is an essential tool for ensuring control over all the activities we carry out, guaranteeing that sustainability objectives are met and ensuring the creation of long-term value. Transparency and fairness are the pillars on which our Company is built.