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The strategy for our suppliers is essentially based on three principles:


• broaden the skills of buyers by way of user-friendly technologies and acknowledging the contribution of everyone within a multicultural workplace, based on trust and guided by passion;

• enhancing integration and communication with internal customers, defining solutions together in order to meet business needs;

• engaging suppliers at all times, hearing their ideas, and developing innovative approaches together.

Supplier quality and ESG assessment
Δ 24-21
Qualified suppliers assessed for ESG performance (%)
+1 p.p.
Value of supplies covered by Carbon Footprint (CFP) certification (%)
+16 p.p.

In addition to meeting the requested quality standards, the services of our vendors must also go hand in hand with the adoption of best practices in terms of human rights and working conditions, health and safety and environmental responsibility. By 2024, we expect to reach 100% of all qualified suppliers assessed based on these requirements. 


We have also increased the level of engagement of our suppliers on sustainability matters with a progressive conversion of the sustainability bonus factors in our tender to mandatory requirements, with the goal of making these requirements account for 35% of the total by 2024

Finally, we are committed to making 75% of all procurements be covered by carbon footprint certification (CFP) by 2024.

Our goal is to constantly increase the awareness of our suppliers and their commitment to sustainability in order to tackle future challenges together. This is why we are committed to gradually increasing the sustainability requirements that our suppliers must meet as part of the tender process.
Our strategy aims to decarbonise and electrify our customers' consumption by creating value for all stakeholders.