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Our Stewardship business model defines a new way of creating value based on cooperation among our various stakeholders with the goal of maximizing the benefits of using our platforms. Co-investment and Enel’s role in the launch and development of new initiatives will enable us to attract third-party investment in order to accelerate the energy transition.

We have adopted a platform-based model for the management of our business and assets. This model reinforces our leadership in complex systems that entail a multitude of distributed energy assets and an increasingly active role played by our customers. A multi-layer, platform-based digital model that connects data and solutions is essential to completing the energy transition.

Digital platforms enable us to provide services to others based on the know-how and best practices developed over time and to generate new products and services and, consequently, new business opportunities for a wide range of customers.

Gridspertise - A key partner for DSOs around the world

In 2021, we announced Gridspertise, a new industrial and commercial company that provides distribution system operators (DSOs) and other energy-industry players with services that are innovative, flexible, sustainable and integrated. The company is positioned as a reliable partner that can help drive the digital transformation of power grids throughout the industry as part of the energy transition. Its value proposition is structured around three key digitalization needs of DSOs throughout the whole value chain: 

  • metering digitalization and grid-edge, focused on the growing commitment of customers and engagement of stakeholders, through smart meters and other grid-edge technologies that also allow the elecricity prosumers' engagement in the markets;
  • grid infrastructure digitalization aimed at making power grids smarter and more flexible, so as to accelerate broad-based digitalization while increasing service efficiency, reliability and quality and supporting DSOs in managing the challenges of network operations; 
  • digitalization of field operations in order to increase efficiency through innovative solutions for planning and operations, while increasing the safety of internal and external operators in the field. 

The services and solutions offered by Gridspertise provide benefits to the entire electricity ecosystem. DSOs can improve service quality, reduce operating costs, optimize their investments in new infrastructure, and enhance productivity, sustainability, and safety in the field.

Enel’s intellectual property encompasses a range of intelligence that is at the core of our sustainable growth. These assets are regulated and protected by intellectual property rights. 

As our portfolio of intellectual property has increased, the Group’s efforts to reinforce the information infrastructure needed to identify, assess, protect and monitor innovative ideas have also increased. 

Our intellectual property strategy generates innovation by sharing the internal and external solutions that give rise to new ideas.  

Enel’s crowdsourcing platform has supported a total of ~170 challenges and received more than 10,000 proposals, making possible partnership agreements with startups, researchers, and other organizations and individuals in Italy and abroad. 

 Enel has a global network of: 

  • 10 Innovation Hubs (3 of which are also Labs), which manage relations with all those involved in innovation and represent the main source of scouting for innovative startups and SMEs;
  • 22 Innovation Labs (3 of which are dedicated to startups), which enable startups to develop and test their solutions alongside members of Enel’s various lines of business.
Map of Innovation Hub and Lab