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At December 31, 2021, the shareholders with greater than a 3% interest in the Company were the Italian Ministry for the Economy and Finance (with 23.585%), BlackRock Inc. (with 5.000%), and Capital Research and Management Company (with 5.000%, held for the purposes of asset management).
Shareholder structure of Enel at December 2021
Enel’s system of corporate governance is an essential means of ensuring the efficient, effective management and reliable control of all activities carried out within the organization and is centered around the goal of creating value for our shareholders.
Enel organizational model
A robust system of ethics underlies all activities of the Enel Group. This system is embodied in a dynamic set of rules constantly oriented towards incorporating national and international best practices that everyone who works for and with Enel must respect and apply in their daily activities. It is a system based on specific Compliance Programs.