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Our partners contribute to the creation of the Group's value by participating in business development and asset management through different types of collaborations (joint ventures, agreements, etc.) in accordance with the "Open Power" model.
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Sustainable investments catalyzed under the Stewardship model
Proofs of Concept to test innovative solutions

Short term

“We work with all stakeholders to improve the environment and social contests in which we operate and to innovate in order to make lasting, sustainable progress.”


Long term

“We are constantly innovating, because if you don’t change, you die. And we put sustainability at the heart of our every action to create long-term value, transforming the needs of the company into business opportunities together with our partners.”

Ernesto Ciorra Innovation and Sustainability
Our corporate governance structure is an essential tool for ensuring control over all the activities we carry out, guaranteeing that sustainability objectives are met and ensuring the creation of long-term value. Transparency and fairness are the pillars on which our Company is built.