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In networks, by 2030 we will have:

new customers to manage
smart meters to sell
At Enel X, we will expand the model to fuel growth in the services we provide, such as electric mobility, storage or public charging points.
Renewables, Networks, Customers - Enel Strategy to 2030

Over the period 2022-2024, we will invest around €2 billion in the Stewardship model, facilitating further third-party investment, for a combined total contribution of around €10 billion.

Current and future joint ventures will focus on service offerings, intellectual property enhancement and renewables development.

We expect this model to contribute more than €1 billion to EBITDA over the next 3 years, half of which relates to services sold to the joint ventures and the rest associated with a crystallisation of the value created.

Through our Stewardship model, at the end of 2024, the joint ventures we will create will enable us to have:

of renewable capacity
customers in the grids
mln €
million in revenues from customers
Our strategy aims to decarbonise and electrify our customers' consumption by creating value for all stakeholders.