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The governance of the Group’s risks is based on a structured and formalized set of elements that are periodically defined and updated in line with the evolution of the Group, with the international risk management standard ISO 31000 and with the best risk management practices.
Group Risk Committee established at the highest level and headed by the Chief Executive Office of the Enel Group.
Local risks committees established for the main Business Lines and geographical segments (countries and regions), led by the head of the appropriate organization (head of Business Line/country/ region) coordinating with the Group Risk Committee.
Risk appetite framework expressly formalized in the Group risk catalog.
Three lines of defense Clear and defined assignment of roles and responsibilities in accordance with the principle of three lines of defense
1 = Management
2 = Control
3 = Internal Audit
System of risk procedures and policies to develop processes for the measurement, management, monitoring and control of significant risks.
Reporting system for ongoing and structured reporting to decision-makers on risk exposures and metrics, delivered at the level of the Group, Business Line, and significant geographical area.
Risks are defined in a risk catalog that serves as a reference for all areas of the Group and for all the units involved in management and monitoring processes. The adoption of a common language facilitates the mapping and comprehensive representation of risks within the Group, thus facilitating the identification of those that impact Group processes and the roles of the organizational units involved in their management.
Risk Catalog related to the Enel Strategic Plan