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We will continue to expand the ecosystem of partnerships and collaborations, with the aim of maximizing our know-how by developing innovative products and services.  In so doing, we will generate value for the Group and all its stakeholders.
∆ 24-21
JV partnerships
Proofs of Concept to test innovative solutions
520 in the period 2022-2024
Sustainable investments catalyzed under the Stewardship
Business solutions being scaled up
137 in the period 2022-2024

1. 2021-2024 cumulative investments.

By 2030, we will have invested approximately €10 billion directly in the Stewardship model, while catalyzing an additional €40 billion in investments by others, all with the goal of maximizing the value of our know-how through agreements aimed at selling services.

We expect our model to contribute roughly €4 billion to cumulative EBITDA over the next 9 years, and our total return on invested capital will be about 20%.

~ 50
bn €
Total investments 2021-2030
~ 10
bn €
Enel investments on total
~ 40
bn €
Third-party investments on total
~ 4
bn €
Cumulative EBITDA value creation 2021-301
Joint Ventures "equity return"
1. Open Fiber excluded
Our risk management system enables us to identify, classify and manage risks efficiently in order to support management in making informed decisions to mitigate impact and transform risks into business opportunities.