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Quality of life for our employees
Value distributed to Employees (€bn)
Value distributed to Employees on value created (%)
Combined Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

Valuing our people is a primary objective of our Company. 

In accordance with criteria based on meritocracy, diversity and across-the-board profiles, we are committed to supporting the growth of our employees in order to retain, attract and enhance the very best of those resources who embrace the behaviour and values of 'Open Power' in order to meet the challenges that await us.

The health, safety and physical and mental integrity of people is our most valuable asset. This is why we are committed to developing and fostering a strong safety culture throughout the Company, in order to guarantee a safe working environment and protect people's health.

Moreover, we promote wellbeing at an organisational and personal level, as well as initiatives for a better integration between private and working life.

Women managers on total
Women middle managers on total
For us, inclusion means taking care of every aspect of diversity and enhancing the talents of each and every individual. Indeed, in the current scenario, it is essential to innovate, co-create, draw out and attract new talent and develop a context that enables individuals to show their own uniqueness. Just in so doing, it is possible to stimulate innovation and foster new opportunities.
Traning hours per employee (h)
In order to provide our employees with appropriate training, we have improved our reskilling and upskilling programmes to meet the need for new technical/professional skills. Reskilling programmes enable people to learn new skills for positions or roles that are different from their previous ones, whilst upskilling programmes focus on developing existing professional skills to improve the performance of one's job.