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Working with us means being part of a large Group. Integrating sustainability and innovation to all our activities, we are key players in the change taking place in the energy sector. These are goals which have been accomplished thanks to our employees and our commitment towards them.
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate1
Women managers out of the total number of managers
1. Combined Enel personnel and contractors. The index is calculated by relating the number of accidents (all accident events, including those with 3 or fewer days' absence) to the hours worked/1,000,000.

In the short term

“We promote a virtuous mechanism of attention to the relational space based on listening and sharing, to create a working environment where motivation and well-being generate productivity and sustainability, in an unprecedented balance between people and the environment.”


In the long term

“We intend to harmonize the evolution of the business with people’s skills, to operate with greater autonomy and responsibility, adding passion to technology: an inspirational inclusion for stronger and therefore more productive teams.”

Guido Stratta Director of People and Organisation
Our corporate governance structure is an essential tool for ensuring control over all the activities we carry out, guaranteeing that sustainability objectives are met and ensuring the creation of long-term value. Transparency and fairness are the pillars on which our Company is built.