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Quality of life for our employees
Δ 24-21
Value distributed to Employees (€bn)
Value distributed to Employees on value created (%)
-1.3 p.p.
Combined Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
We are committed to promoting information campagins to foster and consolidate a culture of health, safety and organisational well-being and balance between personal and professional life.

We are committed to developing and promoting a strong culture of safety that ensures a workplace that is free from hazards for all who work with and for the Enel Group.

Ensuring the health and safety of our people is a responsibility we all share.

Gender Equality
Δ 24-21
Women managers on total (%)
+3.2 p.p.
Women middle managers on total (%)
31.4 %
+2 p.p.

We are committed to building an inclusive working environment that values diversity and uniqueness.

We plan to include 45% of women in Management Succession Plans by 2024, a target that will help us achieve our objectives of increasing the representation of women in senior management positions within the Company.

In February 2021, in confirmation of our commitment to gender equality, we joined the “Equal by 30” campaign of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), an initiative by which various organizations from the public and private sectors commit to promoting gender equality in wages, among leadership, and in opportunities by 2030 within the clean energy sector.

We have committed to increasing the number of women in management positions to 38.1% of all management and to 32.1% of middle management by 2030. 

Training and reskilling
Δ 24-21
Training hours per employee (average hours per year per employee)
We are committed to fostering individual development through an ever-increasing range of training to ensure that employees are continuously trained and competitive; learning new skills and optimising performance in the face of new demands.

The rapid, ongoing evolution of our business has resulted in a need for new technical and professional skills and led to the natural obsolescence of others. Within this landscape, we are committed to increasing the average number of training hours per employee per year with an emphasis on the core pillars of our development strategy: 

  • continuous learning, in order to ensure that our people remain competitive and up to date; 
  • reskilling, aimed at learning new skills to cover new roles and fill new positions; 
  • upskilling, so as to optimize performance in the face of changing needs.
Our strategy aims to decarbonise and electrify our customers' consumption by creating value for all stakeholders.