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Household electrification rate 1
Renewable share of electricity sales 2

1. Calculated as the ratio of electricity consumption to household energy consumption for the home and personal transportation, based on Enel’s customer base in Italy and Spain.

2. Calculated based on free-market energy sales taking Enel’s renewable generation and purchases of renewable energy, the latter of which based on the generation mix in each country.

We have markedly accelerated our energy transition strategy towards a decarbonized, customer-centric business model. We are committed to ensuring universal access to electricity as affordable prices by investing in clean, less costly renewable energy.

We are the world’s largest renewable energy player in the private sector with 53.4 GW of managed capacity.

Net efficient installed capacity by source (2021)
The increase in renewable energy generated helps to increase energy security on every continent and encourages the implementation of more convenient standards. This will translate into greater savings for the customer globally.
Net electricity generation by source (2021)

We are committed to accelerating electrification and decarbonization and increasing energy efficiency in order to avoid the serious consequences of a temperature increase of greater than 1.5°C from preindustrial levels.

Increasing the electrification of energy consumption using renewable energy will gradually lead to a reduction in spending for European households and improve air quality by reducing polluting emissions.

Enel, our vision for energy access and electrification for 2030, and the United Nations’ High-level Dialogue on Energy

Enel is one of the organizations that participated in the UN’s High-level Dialogue on Energy, the first UN summit in over 40 years dedicated exclusively to energy. The virtual event brought together heads of state and other political leaders, business leaders, and civil society, who presented their Energy Compact, i.e. a series of voluntary commitments aimed at accelerating pursuit of the United Nations’ sustainable development goal (SDG) 7 — ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all — and reaching net-zero emissions.


SAIDI 2021

We manage the most extensive customer base of any private-sector firm, with more than 69 million customers to whom we provide a highly customized, digitized service and dedicated customer service that features a high degree of competency in the products provided. This enables us to best meet the specific needs of our customers. 

In 2021, the Enel X Global Retail business line was created in order to increase customer satisfaction and value by focusing on their needs and making their lives easier. 

Digitalization makes all this possible, while robotization and other automation open the door to better and faster action, which will be key to ensuring grid resilience and service quality.

Charging points 1
Beneficiaries of new connections in rural and suburban areas 2
Digital customers 3
End users with active smart meters

1. Public and private charging points installed. Includes interoperable points

2.  Cumulative figures at 2021

3. Customers signed up online or via app / total customers

Innovation is a strategic pillar in the Group’s creation of value, including: the digitalization of the customer relationship (e.g. apps, social media chatbots, and virtual assistants); digital payments and digital payment plans (“Everywhere Commerce”); the continuous-improvement program Voce del cliente (lit. “Customer’s voice”); the circular economy and billing discounts; exclusive discounts for senior citizens, low-income customers, and other vulnerable or disadvantaged customers; a paperless system; innovative, inclusive digital services; responsible energy consumption; and flexible plans made possible by our new open meters. This new customer-centric model allows for convergence onto shared platforms. Customers can benefit from digital services in their daily lives and find dedicated offerings using an architecture that is able to achieve higher levels of efficiency.
To facilitate the energy transition, at Enel we actively promote the value of electrification to increase customer loyalty. To do this, we are in constant contact with our customers and help them to select the best combination of services. To this end, it is essential to continue developing our offering and anticipate market trends. In this way, our customers feel that they are part of an ecosystem and that they are contributing to a more sustainable world, while also saving more money with our business solutions.
Urban transportation: Enel X in Latin America

Electric public transportation plays a key role in the transformation towards sustainable, interconnected cities. With our integrated solutions, we are leading the industry in the creation and promotion of an ecosystem that brings about synergies and integrates our joint efforts with government and other stakeholders within the LatAm region.” (Nhiura Coaquina, Head of Business Development eBuses eCity LatAm) Latin America is at the center of the energy transition and electrification, particularly in terms of electric mobility and transportation. Cities are increasingly driven to electrify and decarbonize their transportation systems as their populations grow and pollution increases. Enel X Colombia has been awarded two contracts for the provision of six electric terminals and 412 electric buses to Bogotá’s TransMilenio public transportation system.  Also, the six electric terminals will have a total of 473 smart charging points with a capacity to charge 878 electric buses.

In Chile, Enel X is providing a smart charging infrastructure for 435 electric buses in Santiago, for a total of 11 electric terminals, 40 smart bus stops, and 245 charging stations. In Lima, in collaboration with the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) and Hydro-Québec, Canada’s public utility, we have launched the first electric bus equipped to gather data in real time in order to lay the groundwork for a national electric transportation system throughout Peru. In Uruguay, we have installed a smart monitoring system to charge 20 electric buses operated by the private-sector operator Cutcsa. Enel X is also developing commercial relationships to achieve 100% electric transportation in Argentina, Brazil and Peru.