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We have introduced an important innovation into the capital market: Sustainability-Linked Finance, that is mobilising the capital needed to support the fight against climate change.
Sustainable financing as proportion of gross debt of €71.969 million

“In line with our business model, which places sustainability at the center of our choices, we continue to accelerate the achievement of our sustainable finance targets: we are firmly convinced that Sustainability-Linked finance will drive the enhancement of sustainable capital markets in the upcoming years, placing SDG-linked targets and financial value at the core of its structure, progressively replacing conventional debt”.


Alberto De Paoli CFO of Enel

Green Bonds represented our first sustainable finance operation. This enabled us to raise EUR 3.5 billion over the period 2017-2019, which were allocated to sustainable projects.

Every year we update our Green Bond Report providing a range of financial and ESG data on our emissions. Please see the dedicated section on the Enel website.

For Enel, sustainable finance operations reflect the issuer's sustainability strategy and the economic value of sustainable choices, with lower financing cost if sustainability objectives are met. They are used by a wide range of issuers and sectors and have general purpose characteristics, thus providing flexibility in the use of funds. In addition, sustainable finance operations support transition pathways, as sustainable KPIs and targets apply to the issuer's entire strategy.

For this reason, at the 2019 UN General Assembly, we structured and issued the world's first five-year $1.5 billion Sustainability-Linked bond, marking the beginning of the Sustainability-Linked bond market. By the end of 2021, in just 2 years, our Sustainability-Linked bond portfolio had reached almost €15 billion.

€ billion1
Bonds SDG 7, 13
✓Adj. price
€ billion1
Loans SDG 7, 13
✓Adj. price
€ billion1
Credit lines SDG 7, 13
✓Adj. price
€ billion1
Commercial Paper SDG 7, 13
€ billion1

At 31 December 2021 - Enel, EFI, EFA, Endesa & Enel Chile.

1. Nominal values, include unused amounts.


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