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We contribute to the sustainable economic and social growth of the communities in which we operate thanks to the investment generated, to a responsible, transparent fiscal contribution, to job opportunities created, and to appropriate, long-term growth.
Cooperative Compliance index

Short term

“For years, sustainability has been at the core of our strategy and of all of the Group’s financial and industrial decisions, with the goal of confirming our position as a global leader in the energy transition.”

Long term

“At Enel, sustainability is rooted in a cultural transformation that involves us all. This is why we are committed to supporting our stakeholders so that they, too, play an active role in our journey towards a net-zero society.”

Roberto Deambrogio Communications
Our corporate governance structure is an essential tool for ensuring control over all the activities we carry out, guaranteeing that sustainability objectives are met and ensuring the creation of long-term value. Transparency and fairness are the pillars on which our Company is built.