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In today’s increasingly interconnected world in which we all strive towards full sustainability, businesses prosper over the long term only if we act collectively and are able to create value and share that value with all stakeholders.

At Enel, we are committed to introducing new outlooks and promoting real-world action to facilitate this path forward.

Enel offers a new way of interpreting performance, providing a single, systematic way of better understanding:
• an organization’s ability to create sustainable value and wellbeing through its operations (value created);
• the distribution to all direct beneficiaries of the value created (value distributed);
• the key factors in value creation that the organization pursues by way of its sustainability strategy, while taking account of the interests of all stakeholders (quality).

Indirect beneficiaries

People at Enel, our communities, and the financial community (investors and shareholders) are enabling factors in our business and therefore draw direct benefits from our performance. They are at the core of distribution of the value created.

Direct beneficiaries

Our customers, suppliers, and partners are indirect beneficiaries of our operations and, as an integral part of the value chain, play a key role in our organization’s prosperity.


Under our model, the planet is seen as a stakeholder because it sets the boundaries within which businesses can operate to the benefit of all other stakeholders.

“The principles of sustainability are integrated into our operations and the services we provide to our customers. For the future, we are committed to continuing to improve our performance in these areas to the benefit of our stakeholders and with the goal of helping to create a more inclusive society.”
Michele Crisostomo Chairman
Francesco Starace CEO and General Manager